Gimpel in Wisconsin

I performed Gimpel the Fool at the Northlands Confabulation – a storytelling conference – in Wisconsin this past weekend.

I  read this story by Isaac Bashevis Singer about 40 years ago.  I think I revisited it some years later.  Over time, the message stayed with me, but not the details.  So when I learned I would be doing a fringe performance of Gimpel at Northlands, I pulled my book off the shelf and began rereading the story for the first time in decades.  YIKES!  I had completely forgotten all those juicy but very earthy details.  I was alarmed.  Could I really do this?  But great literature is great literature.  I believed in the story and gave it the respect it deserved … and I am happy to report all went well.

After the show I did a few minutes of Q & A which helped me transition back to me after a deeply committed involvement into Gimpel’s character.  Now I am back – physically in Florida and mentally – and working on more stories.

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