Gimpel and Me

Gimple the Fool by Issac Bashavis Singer is one of my all time favorite stories.  Last year, I picked up my  worn out copy and as I reread the pages I thought “Hmmmm … I could tell this.  OK – do it right.”   So I contacted the agency that represents Singer’s work and  letters went back and forth. The outcome was I got permission to perform it … which I will …. at the Northlands Storytelling Conference in Wisconsin on April 29th.

Immediately I began preparing – it is no small thing to memorize such a long story.  As the weeks go by, I am more and more in character – so much so, that I find   myself speaking Gimpeleese … It is a strange phenomenon.  This fictitious character has become my companion!

So it is with great stories, we live in them and they live in us.




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